How To Wake Up At 5am And Still Feels Good
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How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Good.

“The early morning has gold in its mouth.” Benjamin Franklin.

What’s up folks, Welcome Back!

Previously, I have introduced 8 reasons to rise at 5am every day. Today I would like to share 8 tips on how to rise at 5am and stay productive.

I used to try waking up early without any plans, somehow it just didn’t work. After quite an amount of trials and errors, and getting ideas inspired by others, I can’t wait to rise at 5am every day and I can be productive for the rest of the day. I can finish much more tasks in a day than before.

So, let’s GET STARTED!

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8 Tips to wake up at 5am and be productive

1. Define your ‘WHY’                   

Before you try to rise at 5am, you How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Goodneed to figure out 1 simple thing, a ‘WHY‘. You need to ask yourself, why am I doing this? What is my ULTIMATE GOAL?

If the ‘WHY‘ is something worths you stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be able to motivate yourself doing it every single day.

For me, I used to try changing my habits only because I want to improve myself. Obviously, it is not strong enough, like everyone who claims he/she will try to lose weight, but ends up gaining more weight.

However, I know exactly why I am doing this, I want to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM in 10 years so that I can travel around the globe. Therefore, I am able to wake up at 5am every day without feeling DISCOURAGED.


2. Set your alarm in another room. 

Many of us share another same How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Goodreason why we fail to rise early, we set our alarm near our bed.

I used to set my alarm near my bed. And every morning when my alarm went off, instead of waking up, I SNOOZED it over and over, for a couple of hours until I really got up.

The reason is very simple, I didn’t need to leave my bed when I shut my alarm. But if we set our alarm in another room, we must LEAVE OUR BED and we need to WALK in order to turn it off. At that moment, we will be much more AWAKE and have fewer chances to let ourselves crawl back to our bed.


3. Put a big glass of water right next to your alarm 

Even if we need to leave our bed to How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Goodshut the alarm off, we may still have chances to put ourselves back to bed again. Well, at least I have.

To further help ourselves stay awake, is to put a big glass of water right next to our alarm. So after we shut the alarm, we drink the whole glass of water immediately.

You know what? Up to 60% of our body is composed of WATER, and about 75% of our BRAIN is water! After a night of sleep, our body is DEHYDRATED. So a big glass of water upon waking is able to REHYDRATE our body and our brain, which is essential for them to function well.


4. Take baby steps                          

It’s never easy adopting new habits. How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels GoodOne tip that is very important, is that we need to take baby steps. NEVER have the thought that we can achieve it for the first try.

None of us can master any skill at the moment we were born, we all need to FAIL and PRACTISE.

Try to set our wake up time 10 minutes earlier tomorrow. 10 minutes earlier each day until we can rise at 5am. Remember, DO NOT RUSH. Just go with our own pace. It is not any competition. There’s no time limit. All we need to do, is to keep our body feeling comfortable and willing to do so, in order to let ourselves wake up at 5am and feeling motivated.


5. Put your phone away                

Most of us have the same problem How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Goodthat avoiding us from getting up early, we sleep with our phone.

Before we sleep, the last thing we do is messing with our phones, watching Youtube videos, scrolling the Instagram page, replying Whatsapp messages.

The one thing we never do, is to sleep RIGHT AFTER we go to bed. We think using our phone before we sleep helps us relax, instead, it only makes it worse. We can neither get rid of our stress, nor have QUALITY SLEEP. Hence, we feel tired as hell the next day and never be able to rise early.

Therefore, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY before you go to bed, if you really want to have some relaxation, I highly recommend you to MEDITATE or read a SELF-HELP BOOK.


6. Develop a morning routine           

One of the reasons why I used to fail to How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Goodrise early, is I didn’t know what I am going to do upon waking.

I felt horrible when I got up at 5am. However, by developing a morning routine for yourself, early morning can be amazing!

A morning routine is a bunch of practices which warms our BRAIN and our MIND up. To be productive and motivated, they are the 2 most IMPORTANT elements.

For example, I MEDITATE to strengthen my mind, and strengthen my brain by writing a 10-MINUTE JOURNAL every day. Moreover, I review my morning routine every month, so that I can make myself work at an OPTIMAL LEVEL for the rest of the day. By the way, I’ll explain further more morning routine ideas in another article. So if you’re interested, don’t forget to read it.


7. Write down your goal on a paper and read it out every day

If figuring out our ultimate goal is not How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Goodenough to push you off the bed early, I suggest writing down your goal on a paper, and then read it out LOUD every single morning.

This is an idea inspired by the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. It mentioned a concept called the LAW OF ATTRACTION, by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.

We need to keep reminding ourselves WHY are we doing this. MOTIVATION brings us energy. Motivate ourselves upon waking helps us become ENERGETIC, and prevent us from being discouraged by our negative thoughts.


8. Mel Robbins’s The 5 Second Rule.   

How To Get Up At 5am And Still Feels Good
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Last month, I read ‘The 5 Second Rule’, written by the famous motivational speaker Mel Robbins. It’s a really inspiring book.

If we hear our alarm going off in the morning, and we’re still struggling to wake up or not, we start counting backwards from 5. Just say it out, 5-4-3-2-1-GO. When we count to 1, the next thing we do will simply be rolling out of our bed.

It’s normal that every morning, the ‘Good’ us is fighting the ‘bad’ us. We may think of tons of thousands of excuses prevent us from waking up. The 5 Second Rule can CLEAR OUR MIND from those thoughts. Just start counting, and you will find yourself waking up AUTOMATICALLY.

“One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.” Robert Brault.

So those would be the 8 tips to wake up at 5am and stay productive. Stop Wishing, Start Doing, TRY THEM TOMORROW!

I hope you enjoy reading this post! If you have any questions or ideas to rise early, welcome to COMMENT BELOW!!!

And if you like these kinds of posts, COMMENT BELOW as well! I’ll share more posts like this!!!!

Wish you all the best,

Mark Wong


  • Susan


    Thank you for this article, I tell myself daily that I am going to get up early the next day because I want to accomplish things in a timely manner.  Never happens – and now I can see why, I never really have a plan of what I am going to accomplish that day or the next or even the day I do get up early.  This makes sense and I am going to try it starting tomorrow to see if this will enable me to find a good routine to follow, and get the things I really want to do accomplished by writing them down and checking them off a list.  Starting small is one key factor I never put into it and now this is exactly what I am going to do.

    Thank you,


    • Mark Wong

      Thank you very much for the comment, Susan!

      I used to have the same problem with you. Happy to know that you found out what goes wrong!

      I am writing an article about some morning routines ideas that work for me. I hope I can inspire you to create your own morning routine.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Remember, we all start from a beginner. Failure is only the process. Just keep trying and don’t give up. TIME WILL PROVE!

      Thank you for the comment! It’s my motivation to keep going!!

      Wish you all the best:)


  • Oana

    Hi there, 

    I used to plan to wake up at 5am, but after a few weeks ( I was really good at waking up at 5) i felt that 5 it is too early even if I need to be early so I can do some tasks before a go to work. And since then, I find it hard to wake up so early and to be able to work 8-10 hours and then to come back home and to work on my website. But, your tips in the article are very good, but what I am afraid is if I will start again I will gave up after a few weeks because I will be too tired for the rest of the day. Any tip for that?

    Thank you

    • Mark Wong

      Thank you very much for the comment!

      I choose to wake up at 5 because I want to finish my tasks before night. So that I can have my free time at night, and I can go to bed earlier.

      I don’t mean that waking up at 5 works for everyone. But I think we should all wake up earlier before work, and do something that helps us to be productive for the rest of day. So we can be happier, especially for people who have a side hustle.

      I used to try to wake up early but turns out just made me feel tired for all day. I think having a morning routine that suitable for ourselves is essential. And I writing an article about some ideas of me, I hope it will help you.

      Thanks for the comment! It’s my motivation to keep going!!

      Wish you all the best:)


  • Paul

    Brilliant tips for getting up early in the morning. 

    The setting the glass beside the alarm in another room really caught my attention as I tend to forget to drink water in the morning. 

    I can see how getting rehydrated will help wake up those brain cells. 

    I really have to try out the 5 second rule. I do come up with so many excuses for not to get up when the alarm rings. I don’t know if I could meditate in the morning it would probably put me back to sleep.

    I have started a routine of walking once I get up, to get the blood flowing and I start making a mental list of what I want to accomplish that day.  Do you think it would be helpful if I dictate my list of to do’s as I walk?  I was thinking about it but wonder if it would distract too much from my walking and creativity of thought as I walk.

    Keep making your amazing posts.

    • Mark Wong

      Thank you very much for the comment, Paul!

      I used to ignore how drinking enough water is essential for us.

      I can assure you drink more water benefits us. Now I drink at least 70 oz of water a day. I feel healthier both mentally and physically.

      The 5 Second Rule doesn’t just useful for us to wake up early, it is helpful for us to do anything we want to procrastinate and avoid.

      I thought meditation would make me want to sleep again, turns out it calms me down, and helps me face the challenges of the day. I really suggest people meditate before sleeping and upon waking!

      I suggest we should focus on 1 task at a time, I used to have many ideas and I tried to multitask to test my thoughts. But they all failed at last. So I think you should separate the walking and the list.

      And I would suggest you jot your list down because when you write it down, your ideas will be more organized and practical. I write a 10-MINUTE JOURNAL every day to practise creativity too. This is a part of my morning routine.

      I hope my feedback is helpful to you.

      Thanks for the comment! It’s my motivation to keep me moving forward!!

      Wish you all the best:)


    • Mark Wong

      Thank you very much for the comment, Kim!

      I am writing an article about my morning routine to help me be productive and motivated every day. Hope it will inspire you with some ideas!

      Thanks for the comment! It’s my motivation to keep moving forward!!

      Wish you all the best:)


    • Mark Wong

      Thank you very much for the comment, Liliana!

      Don’t worry, the hardest part is always to start! Begin with some small targets may be an idea suitable for you!

      I am writing an article about my morning routine that helps me be productive and motivated for the rest of the day. Hope it will give you some inspirations!

      Thanks for the comment! It’s my motivation to keep moving forward!!

      Wish you all the best:)


  • Stella

    For the first time I feel the need to get up early.
    WA has changed my life in so many ways and this is just what I needed.
    Thank you Mark for good advice and handy hints easy to follow.
    This will become one of my favourite sites and can’t wait to read more.
    Bush Lady.

  • Eddie

    Hey Mark, when I got to the part of having a glass of water next to my bed. I thought for a moment you were going to recommend splashing myself with it. LoL… I may need to that with my daughter and wake her up for school. 😉

    I like your tip about putting the alarm in another room. I’m going to start doing that.

    My challenge is that I get so excited about my “why” but late at night. So then I end up going to bed late… or I should say early morning the next day. I still get a good 3 or 4-hour sleep but by the end of the week it catches up with me and I’m drained. Have you come across someone like me? and if you have, what can you share about it?

    Thanks Mark and again great tips. Keep them coming!

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